Everyday Leader

Everyday Leader is a community led program - by our community and for our community.  Get in touch to learn more.


We believe that everyday people can
use their influence to change the world around them.


We believe that investing time and energy to
develop people makes our community stronger. 

A Common Challenge

Over 8 years ago Ralco, like many businesses, was struggling to get the most out of their employees. As a small, but fast growing company they didn’t have much in place for employee development. They had so many pressing customer needs that it was hard to find the time to create tools and programs to develop their employees.

A Bigger Idea

In 2011, Ralco, the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce and a few visionary community leaders came together, inspired with a simple idea:

  • Create a program that all businesses can use, regardless of size or budget.

  • Make it non-profit and volunteer run, supported by sponsorships of participating organizations.

  • Engage accomplished local leaders. No one understands our needs better than the people that live here.

  • Impact employees at various levels. Employees are all at different places, but everyone can be a leader and can make things better.

  • Invest in students, integrating high school and college students in the program.

Everyday Leader Was Born

Everyday Leader is a program for unlocking leadership thinking and abilities. We help people view themselves as leaders and as someone that can change the world around them.

"Leadership is influence. 

Everyone is a leader because everyone influences someone."

 -- John C. Maxwell

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