Everyday Leader

Everyday Leader is a community led program - by our community and for our community.  Get in touch to learn more.


Everyday Leader Roundtables are a safe place to grow alongside others in a small group environment. A setting that turns “knowledge” into “habit”. Over the past two years more than 200 people have participated as we studied several different books. The impact has been phenomenal as people learn from each other.

Join The Next Series of Roundtables

The next series of roundtables will be held this fall and registration is now open.

What People Are Saying

“It challenged me to really think about growth and what I want to get out of my life both professionally and personally.”

“I learned that I need to take more time to invest in myself and I learned valuable tools to create and continue a growth plan.”

“I  created a Personal Plan and it's changed how I've interacted 
with my wife/kids. It's made me a better husband/dad.”

“It has been great to be with a diverse group in relation to occupation and age.  I think my biggest ah-ha is reminding myself that change can be exciting and good and that I should embrace it.  Without change I will never grow.” 

“I wished I would have done this when my kids were younger.”

“I found that the more time I spend working on my plan, the more growth I experience - and the more I enjoy working on the area I'm trying to grow.”

“The area that taught me the most was about Character. This really made me look at myself and how others perceived me and other managers on my team.”

“The interaction and ideas from others was really impactful.”

"Thanks for these sessions – I learned some important things, both from the book material and from the other participants.  The short video sessions with discussion time in-between was an effective way to present material and allow for interaction, and there was plenty to learn from both. "

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