Everyday Leader

Everyday Leader is a community led program - by our community and for our community.  Get in touch to learn more.


Get Involved

Everyday Leader exists to equip people with the tools necessary to improve the world they see around them and the inspiration to view themselves as someone important enough to bring that change! We volunteer our time and energy to bring these events into our community because we have a heart for developing leaders and realize that many small businesses don’t have the resources to do this on their own.

What we do is only made possible through our sponsors.  This year we have 36 sponsors who allows this leadership platform to exist in our community in addition to helping us bring young leaders from area high schools and SMSU to the event at no cost.

For information on sponsorship please e-mail info@everydayleadermarshall.com

Our Promise

  • Any funds from the program are only used to develop leaders.

  • We will create growth opportunities for your employees and area high school and college students.

  • We will use the funds well. We are a non-profit volunteer run program - by our community, for our community.

Thank You To Our 2018 Sponsors!

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